more or less random meanderings possibly related to my interests

i'm a [mostly ex-] vegetablised boardgames, role-playing games & card games, & fantasy, sf & horror book shop[currently shop-less]-owner in lancaster, south of the english fells & lake district. unsurprisingly therefore, i'm also a fantasy & sf reader; i'm also an ex-freelance sf & fantasy editor [methuen & magnum paperbacks, then hamlyn paperbacks, then the assessment that led to legend's setting-up, then back to methuen; this ended with the family-controlled abp, owners of methuen, selling themselves off to the octopus/reed (now reed-elsevier) group, and effectively sacking the general fiction editor with whom i'd worked.]

enough about me, i think - a little about my lj:
i blame the wonderful roobarb who harassed me into agreeing to try lj, and walked me through setting up the thing. but she's in no way responsible for aught i've since done with it, and should not be held to account for any more than the mere fact of its existing.
i've no particular vision for my lj, but post to it when there's something i think may interest, amuse, entertain or intrigue my friends who're also on lj - including "friends i haven't yet met."

what else? oh - the shop's name is Interstellar Master Traders, a bow towards the SF writer, editor & critic, James Blish, and in particular a reference to his Cities in Flight series (though After Such Knowledge is the greater work).