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more or less random meanderings possibly related to my interests

2/11/17 09:08 pm - terry pratchett - back to black: fifty minute film just started on bbc2 tv & hdtv

as per the subjectline.

1/8/17 12:11 am - happy 2017 to all^W any still reading lj, & yr hmbl srppnt.'s lj in particular. . .

very late autumn/early winter sunset across windermere...

hoping & trusting your new year - and the rest of 2017! - prove considerably better than you all anticipate 😈

- love, ppint. (hence, also & currently mostly, on facebook - see under fbname ppint pinto)

11/1/16 04:45 pm - happy lancre witch day today. . .

happy lancre witch day today!

- trusting hallowe'en's been survived in style, and no children's tongues're left awagging,
nor nassty interfering norberts left alive to involve the powers temporal, nor ecclesiastical...

- and a beautiful day for it, indeed:

- happy brothday!

10/25/16 12:00 am - cascade off the fells between keswick & grasmere 24/10/16

the most impressive cascade coming down off the south side of helvellyn,
to the north of the keswick to grasmere road,
taken from the upper deck of the 555 route bus
about 15:45 gmt+1 monday 24th october 2016


(well, it isn't tomorrow yet...)(yr hmbl srppnt. promised to put this up on lj tonight 🙌)

10/3/16 04:41 pm - monday, their octyabr, 2016 ce; today is the first day of stagecoach cumbria's winter timetable

monday,thrid of octyabr, 2016 ce:

today is the furst day of stagecoach-in-cumbria's winter timetable.

unfortunately, stagecoach-in-cumbria have severalty thousand copies
of the second edition of their summer 2016 timetable still in stock.

so theyve put out piles of fresh copies of this.

no-one ever accused mr. s. coach, noted gnome of lowther street, carlisle

of sanity.

9/28/16 05:07 pm - drivers! have you ever wondered, "what ******* muppet's driving that ***** ?!!! - ?

wonder no longer!

yr hmbl srppnt. caught up with him in a booth's car-park,

and got a (photo) shot of the guilty party:

- so now you^W we know!

9/28/16 10:17 am - happy paulkruzyckiday today!

happy paulkruzycki°daytoday!°° 🙌

° - the naturalisation euffects not gone as far as pavelisaation (yet) ? 😈

°° - 50% karen's, of course - and 100% the kruzyckgesprungen°°°'s 😁

°°° - sorry, pardon

9/21/16 01:38 pm - here in the english north-wet we harvest wild strawberry-flavoured marshmallows too...

here in the english north-wet we harvest wild strawberry-flavoured marshmallows too:


- for special occasions, of course,

(cos wild strawberries're much smaller than the domesticated ones,
and've been getting progressively rarer these last few decades (alas!))

as they do have a truly exquisite natural flavour to impart.

(and 'twould appear the disappeared scrapbook's also reappeared!)

9/20/16 06:16 pm - yr hmbl srppnt.'s lifetime livejournal would appear to be back!

by maybe 6pm (bst)(gmt+1) to-day,
yr hmbl srppnt.'s disappeared lifetime livejournal,


- seems to've returned,

- as it should never've gorn

(- yrs trly has yet to check upon all the various friends settings,

- friends-of-friends settings,

- mutual friends settings,

- sub-groups-of-friends settings,

- nor even looked for my scrapbook photos;


9/20/16 06:00 pm - yr hmbl srppnt. would appear to've achieved (fairly) broadband!

as of approximately 9am (bst)(gmt+1) yesterday,
yr hmbl srppnt. would appear to have achieved broadband.
not as fast as it should be -

(- yrs trly has to clear a way to the incoming line socket,
wield a screwdriver, fit on a filter- and rj45(?) socket-containing new almost-front plate,
re-fit on the front plate, reconnect tephelone(s), plumb rainbow bdbnd router into the mains,
switch on and wait for (more) (all?) of the green lights to stabilise for that)

- but broadband nevertheless, and fibre broadband at that!

- woo-hoo! (- or words to that effect) !!
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