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the death of dandelions. . .

8/13/16 01:40 pm - the death of dandelions. . .

(i failed to get a photo of him, alas - *graham, (perh?))

dressed in short-lived grey knitted woolly,

over dark-blue, long-sleeved cotton shirt,

comfortable old fawn trousers & "sensible" shoes,

bent over the various wild bits of greenery edging his cottage's front garden,

wielding a "large" size multicoloured paper-labelled, white trigger-topped red plastic spray-bottle of some systemic, "kills down to the roots" systemic herbicide,
but carefully applying it only to the large, serrated leaves of the dandelions there residing. . .

the death of dandelions

(& no, yr hmbl srppnt. did not get any kind of view of "the dods"' face. . .)

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