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you read it here (radio)1st^W radio3th. . .

5/17/16 04:54 pm - you read it here (radio)1st^W radio3th. . .

not the kind of sentence yr hmbl srppnt. ever anticipated hearing uttered on radio3°
at 9.15 in the morning:

"but size isn't everything:
it's what you do with it that counts."

- beryl walker, presenting "essential classics" on radio3,
~09:15 bst (gmt+1), 11/5/16 (5/11/16 for merkins)°°

° - and definitely not on the old thrid programme, neither

°° - she was talking of
"an organ weighing as much as forty elephants,
with a largest diameter of 2' 6", and 40' long. . .°°°</font>

°°° - simon preston, playing mendelssohn's overture to st. paul,
on the fully restored organ of the royal festival hall°°°°
°°°° - iiratdc
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