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beware of the toad!

4/26/16 05:32 pm - beware of the toad!

beware the great toad of leasgill!

- though admittedly, no kirkby lonsdale coaches nor stagecoach bus drivers
report having seen the beast, nor any of his° off-spring°°,
since the abominable bus company boss bought out ribble°°°)

- but then, to have reported having met, or come together with

the great toad of leasgill

- or his° ilk°°-

- 'twere needful first, to have survived the encounter. . .

° - or her°°°°
°° - off-hops - ?
°°° - than which (or than whom), had you enquired of their long-suffering passengers stood waiting in t'queue, some (up to) five decades ago, few would have thought a worse bus company conceivable, let alone possible. . .
°°°° - one or t't'other, t'toad; almost serpently one or t't'other. . .

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