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help! it's an invasion of the cycloids!

11/1/15 02:20 pm - help! it's an invasion of the cycloids!

i'm pretty sure lancaster's not been invaded for ~eight hundred years°,
but the green ayre (name of the former flood plane of the river lune here in the city,
but also of the wetherspoon's pub adjacent thereunto) has just been invaded -
- by just under twenty-four parti-coloured, lycra-clad aliens -
who, fortunately, seem remarkably well-restrained, when it comes to looting & pillaging,
and who took the trouble to detail three of their number
variously to shackle, chain and cable their steel steeds together,
in a corral(?) three-deep, outside the front window of the pub
before filing in and monopolising for the next half-hour the two bar-staff currently serving,
with their just-under-two-dozen separate orders for drinks and fairly reasonably-priced food.

° - depending on whether you count the armies of the stuart pretenders as invading, or not - after all, they retained a pretty strong claim to the english as well as the scottish (& later great british) and irish thrones
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