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and you live in the uk, do it today!

9/30/15 03:55 pm - and you live in the uk, do it today!


view of the lakeland mountains on the horizon, seen from morecambemorecambe, from the coast road.


- should you live in the uk (& possibly in ireland - ?roi/norniron?),

& have an interest in getting half-price meals-for-(? iiuc one(?), - definitely two -, (?)more ?)

at branches of any or all of:

zizzi's, pizzaexpresses, prezzo's, la tasca's, (etc, etc),

for, over & during the next 60 days approx,

goto: http://www.taste card.co.uk/poundland

register and select "free 30 day tastecard"

(- it's an error on the site, it confirms as a free 60 day "tastecard")

- but do it today!

- its the last day the offer's meant to be available.

- happy noshing!

- love, yr hmbl srppint.

(edit. 12/10/15: there may still be an actual 30-day free trial membership offer live.)
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