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a (neo) poothagoreanistic musing

9/6/15 12:12 pm - a (neo) poothagoreanistic musing

i'm not entirely sure why
- it could've been inspired by the religious proselytism of some on social meeja
(often, but not exclusively, merkins);

- also, that (fairly mild) of a couple of guys frequently to be found in the café at booth's carnfroth branch -

- and reflexion upon the excesses of the roman catholic church-and-norman banditocratic crusades -

- and the appalling, mass-murdrous modern-day outrages of "isis" -

- but yr hmbl srppint. was suddenly struck by a philosophico-religious considerium of potentially primal, or even mens sanit(ar)y, significance:

- do poothagoreans°° believe in
the transpiration of the faeces ?

°° - including neo-poothagoreans, unfortunate, estrangled (former) co-religionists, spootneeki and sundry other sekti
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