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speaker-to-stagecoach-bus-drivers #2

8/5/15 02:17 pm - speaker-to-stagecoach-bus-drivers #2


the driver of the (double-decker) 755 was in a hurry, not familiar with the route, and he - and so we - missed the right turn just after levens bridge onto the "(?)A580/581 (A6)" dual carriageway by-passing levens village...

one clue could have been the narrowness of the road ahead;
aonther could have been the lack of a double-decker's worth of overhead clearance...

(- he was persuaded to - *shock, horror* - engage reverse gear, and back up 50-75 yards,
instead of essaying an N-point turn in the ro^W lane or, from trying to take his dennis-alexander-bodied dennis, scania, or volvo, whicheveritwas, through levens village itself - which might've been very entertaining, but which would probably've outraged the denizens of levens, involved the "auto"-pruning-as-we-went of several additional arboreal entities, clobbered the occasional, customarily-inadvisedly-poorly parked chelsea tractor, and caused severe frowns on the faces of the kendal/westmorland/south lakeland/cumbrian traffic commissioners (if they still exist) - and divers other ructions of a similarly severe nature.)

(- he had been bucketing along - they're meant to be auto-governed to a maximum of 50 mphs, but the passengers were emitting circa 50 "umphs!" a minute - 'til we met this 'ere tree. . .)
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