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new "patience" counting-game to while away time waiting for buses

7/4/15 10:43 am - new "patience" counting-game to while away time waiting for buses

a new "idiot(e)-savant(e)"-type "patience" counting-game
for folk as do a lot of standing around waiting for stagecoach buses:

1. observe the sides of the private cars passing you by on the road,
in either direction & both, paying especially careful attention to
the handles by use of which the cars' doors are opened (from without).

2. keep a running score for the number of each of three types of style
of trim said in use upon the cars observed, "self", "black plastic",
and "chromed" - "self" meaning that the car door-handle assemblies're
made of - apparently - pressed & shaped sheet metal, the same finish
and shade of high-gloss paint as the body of the car; "black plastic"
meaning the door-pull & surround're apparently made of black (usually)
or grey plastic, and "chromed" meaning they're of the high-reflective
chromium-plated steel (or iron) once well-nigh universal in automobile
car-door "furniture", including wing-mirrors, door-window, boot-door &
sun-roof regulators, ash-trays, rear-view mirror mountings & backings.

3. maintain the cumulative scores for cars, but not taxis or mini-cabs as
pass you by, and include vans based upon standard private cars, but not
those of "ford transit" size/above, nor any other purpose-designed vans,
after the fashion (e.g.) 12 - 8 - 2; 13, no, 14 - 8 - 2; 14 - 8 - 3; ah,
15 - 10 - 3; etc. being careful not to forget whichever variety is far
and away the minority style car door furniture in the area you're waiting.

4. ponder the result once the bus you're awaiting heaves into sight; take
good care to not become so absorbed in your count, as to forget to hail
said bus. cast in your mind what the significance of the proportions of
the styles' frequencies to each other may have, once you again have the
leisure to so contemplate - and whether, indeed, they have


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