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it is a fairly bad idea (tm) to. . .

6/19/15 05:59 pm - it is a fairly bad idea (tm) to. . .

toss escaped davenport's chocolates "chilli buttonettes" into one's mouth from
"slightly to one side, and slightly below" one's mouth level

- as the dried, flaked & powdered chilli dust that misses is then headed towards
at least one eye.

- to be precise, the left one.

- which really isn't expecting any such assault upon it.
it's had no opportunity to re-learn that nassty things may happen to it,
as well^W^W just as easily as one happened to the right eye, inter alia,
some twenty-seven(ish) years ago. . .

- for about five seconds, said powdered and flaked dried chilli just sat,
soaking up the normal level of duct (that's with a "t", n.b.) secretion
appropriate to an eye at rest, not under attack, nor anticipating assault.

- then the capsicum oils etc. decided they'd diluted sufficiently,
and surged into action.

- ow! - owowowowow! - owowowowowowow!

- owowowowowowowowowowow!

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