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pouring boiling oil onto companymanglements' turbotcharged water-dwellers?

4/25/15 03:58 pm - pouring boiling oil onto companymanglements' turbotcharged water-dwellers?

those amongst the apparently tiny number still bothering reading my lj (and what excuse - if any - have you, for not having chi^Hopped yr hmbl srppint already?) may perhaps have noticed that there is currently one of those now somewhat more regular than was formerly the rule national entertainments running, scheduled to come to a climax (one of possibly several, this time around) thursday week through at least friday lunchtime, and probabubbly for several days, or even weeks, thereafter, whilst the participants sort out what has actually transpired, commonly referred to by way of shorthand as a general election.
various more or less obscure organisations have bored their ways gnurrlike from the voodvork out - the one whose existence was least suspected by yrhmbl srppint. hitherto being

the potato council.

quite where, and in what manner of boardroom, within which, probabubbly lincolnshire poach^W city, and how frequently, out of elective fever^W season, this shadowy body may meet, yr hmbl srppint cannot say; but hearing of its existence for the very first time last week, i was immediately struck by the following thoughts and queries:
is there aught but malt & cider vinegar and non-brewed condiment available for the council members to fill their glasses (or have them filled for them, more like)?
do council members have a simple choice of mayonnaise and real salad cream, or are they further pampered with offerings of sandwich spread?
are they required to cluster closely around the board table in sit-up and beg (if padded) chippendale wooden arm-chairs, or do they get to lounge around on comfy sofas whilst they engage in silent contemplation of the menu^W order sheet proffered for their consideration, with quiet satisfaction at the range of matters arising in front of them for their inevitable approval?

- for, in the doubtless telepathic communications between and amongst all associations (commonly called "clumps") within the potato council,

the aeyes always have it.

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