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it's snowing!

1/16/15 02:10 pm - it's snowing!

well, i know that's unexceptional (to put it mildly) to most of you lot, on the white rose side of the pennines - or in the far, far south, or even further afield; and so it used to be up 'til around two, two-and-a-huff decades ago, here: but these days, latter and fallen as they indubittabubbly must be accounted, milnthorpe doesn't see more'n a couple or three snow-falls a year - none of them for more'n ten minutes, and of interest primarily to little kids, mums & dads as have to carry little kids, and perhaps the great subterranean army of mouldywarps trying to increase their realm northwards o'carnfroth A6 & teweitfield roundabouts - the former where the M6 used to end, heading north, and the latter where all the holiday traffic'd attempt to beat the summer-long jam on the A6 - by creating just as big a jam spreading (sorry) through burton-in-kendal and on, before joining the traffic jam that was kendal-through-windermere and halfway to keswick at the height of season. (the queues of midlands-manufactured-and-designed cars giving up the magic sm^H^H steam littered to either side of the A6 on the climb up shap was a sight also wondrous to be seen - but that's another remininscen(c)e, and hasn't a lot to do with winter, neither; that'd be accompanied by goods trucks with trailers hurtling down in eiher direction, but mostly south, on the A6 over shap, cursing the car drivers determined to assert imagined - and even sometimes real, not merely fancied - priority over two ten-to-fifteen ton loads being rather ineffectually attempting-to-brake 'em drivers & trailer brake-men; a triumph of good over common sense all too likely to determine the end of at least one person's hope.)

- but where was i, before i so-rudely interrupted me? - ah, yes:

- it's snowing!

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