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next on the list(s). . .

12/26/14 05:53 pm - next on the list(s). . .

well, i made it to the preoperative assessment on time, courtesy of roger's floor, and left the second half of his xmyth present (the sweet half; i think he's already eaten the savoury half - but that's what it was for :-) with him, and tom-at-atticus' present with him. that's most of this year's miserable drizzle of presents done now, save for nancy's and sheffield - two years without income has a certain effect on what one feels one can afford, though with my mr ratcliffe-diagnosed, post-traumatic injury emotional lability, i cannot tell how over (or under) the top that (or any other) reaction may be.

anyway, apart from deciding i'm obese - which i could've told them, if they'd asked - and taking down the answers to lots of questions that are already in my medical records, or should be, they agreed the trip out to the outskirts of barrer, off the edge of the known world, from milnthorpe by bus for silly a.m. on the 2nd of jan - or any other date (or time) was a bit much, but that the trip thither, or to the rli, for the op^W procedure might be unavoidable, given how overweight i am, and how high my blood pressure. which i appreciate, but did point out i'd been able to attend the pre-op assessment at silly am because i'd been able to sleep on a friend-in-lancaster's floor, which i couldn't do and the op^W procedure were in fgh. so that date's been cancelled, and i have to ring to make new arrangements. i did also suggest my bp might be a little higher than normal as the nurse's only just reassured (!) me the cyst(s) would be extracted via my uretha... but no dice - the reading's a lot higher than that. i need a lot more exercise, to eat a lot more sensibly - and a lot less. all true.
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