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a clash of titanics

12/21/14 02:43 pm - a clash of titanics

well, i now have more info about when and where whatever's intended is expected to transpire - or possibly, yr hmbl srppint. is expected to expire - but not in fact, any details of what who's/re actually going to do. . .
this wednesday am, yes, christmas eve, i am to present myself at the rli - the royal lancaster infirmary (no, not st. james's) - an hour or two before i can get there, for about an hour or so's worth of indoctrination - their word - for the procedure, which is scheduled to occur some time unspecified in furness general hospital - wtf is furness general hospital? their ****ing letter doesn't say! - and they refer to it mainly as "FGH", which, seeing as most everything else has transpired at WGH, was infernally easy for yr hmbl srppint. to misread as the familiar. several times. . .

- now, where was i?

- before i so rudely interrupted myself - oh yes, wtf is fgh ?

- ah. fgh is in barrow-in-furness. aka the edge of known space.

- correction: fgh is outside barrow-in-furness; aka outside or beyond the edge of known space.

- in gosforth, the local -real lakelanders - refer to the inhabitants of barrow-in-furness - "barrer" - as foreigners: "the barrow irish". ..

- htf do i get there for silly-o'clock on the morning of january the second, 2015 - or any other year - when the only public transport i know is operating on 1st january 2015 on this side of the pennines is the stagecoach 599 bus, running from windermere station to bowness, back to windermere station, up to ambleside and back to windermere station. i suspect that british rail may be operating some passenger trains on the first, too - but Mr. S. Coach hasn't advised anyone of this, if they are - and there hasn't been a milnthorpe station for at least thirty-five years. ..

- and besides, i'm meant to be in sheffield - chapeltown' to be precise and accurate - new year's day - amn't i ?

this could make for an interesting conversation tomorrow. . .
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