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cystoscopy ~two thrids done, a further attempt plus at least one operatio^W procedure to go...

12/12/14 02:20 pm - cystoscopy ~two thrids done, a further attempt plus at least one operatio^W procedure to go...

like what it says on the tin, the second cystoscopy (aka the fourth attempt) went about two-thrids ok - apparently i've a high-necked bladder (i must confess i didn't previously know there was such an animal), and the level 3 (first floor(merkin second floor)) flexible cystoscopy equipment doesn't have a long enough line?/cable?/probe? - reach on it, to see up there. so they're going to bring me in again, to do it all a thrid time

- but this time, under general anaesthetic (she promised) - and, in the mean time, i needed an operation - she didn't mealy-mouth it into "a procedure", nor attempt to - to remove a cyst on my bladder wall, of which (wall & cyst) she showed me a picture - only a little still, not the full tv coverrage i'd been half-promised/offered - but it was in colour: the bladder's a strange-looking place - which may take place in the wgh or in the rli (royal lancaster infirmary) (not an institution blessed with overly high a reputation, but they're meant to be working on improving that) - whichever and whoever, they'd be in touch to confirm. and it's probably going to be booked as a day op/procedure - until they note down in interviewing me about it, that i live alone, and would need to be getting the bus home afterwards...

time schedule for op/procedure? - dunno; wait 'til the hospital gets in touch.

time schedule for thrid/fifth cystoscopy? - "dunno yet, but we do know you need to catch the last bus home. you'll just have to tell them again, when they get in touch with you about the operation/day procedure."

"and you almost certainly don't have cancer - least ways, not there (!) - but it'll do keeping an eye on, as your [something abbreviated to three initials] level has gone up, from 5.3 to 5.5 over the past three years or so."

so, partly relieved (yes, in at least two senses), partly still up in the air.

life, for the moment at least, still goes on. and it's looking like my first christmas at home for two or three decades - maybe longer; which will give me even less excuse for not doing some tidying-up :-(
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