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well, re-sonar/asdic-ing my bladder went ok...

12/7/14 05:46 pm - well, re-sonar/asdic-ing my bladder went ok...

but the cystoscopy didn't.
after three attempts, the ward? op? procedure? nurse asked the other two, "who prepared the aparatus for this?" & mentioned "if you push the (lens unit) in too far, it stretches or splits the plastic cable - which makes it too wide to fit into most people's urethas."

tell me about it.

then came "is there a spare, unopened one anywhere?" followed by one of the two supporting cast saying she'd managed to pull the lens unit of the first one out, and could push it back in to where it was meant to go; and a bit later still, from the first, in-charge-of-the-procedure - and actually pushing the things up my uretha, "it's no good; we should have done this upstairs: i can't see a thing - there's too much rubbish in here."

at which point yr hmbl srppint. thought to enquire, "where does the rubbish come from?"
and it was as though a miracle had occurred: a fourth person was in the room with them, and it had addressed them!

to break the astonished silence, i repeated, is it due to the things i eat & drink - could i reduce it by changing things, and should i?

i received no direct reply for my pains, which were quite substantial by then, despite allegedly numbing cream having been applied externally...

a little later, "it's no good; we'll have to reschedule."

so i can expect similar this thursday, but on level 3, which may be the first floor (2nd for merkin's), and may produce usable tv footage...

(more to come - a bit - ouchy - more - later)
(learning how to do an LJ cut might be useful/a good idea (tm) - can anyone help/advise?
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