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another stunningly bright clear autumn day

12/5/14 10:36 am - another stunningly bright clear autumn day

i hope it holds all day for nancy - she's due to be driving her magnificent machine up from the south-wet today, on a close-to-annual, get 'em all visited in one swell foop tour of the north (and even slipping over the border, some jaunts) - i'm sorry, I can't tell you what breed, lineage or generation the magnificent machine is, save i think it's a mazda (strange name for a japanese industrial product being that of a middle-eastern divinity; or maybe half a double-divinity, as there can be no ahura mazda to uphold the light without the dark's existence, and its embodiment). and it's a folding-roofed,fast two-seater. very fast, in nancy's hands - very fast, and very safe (obsit omen). and i'll try to remember to ask her, and to remember the details for long enough to write them down somewhere -maybe here:
- and maybe even take a photogiraffe of it, though it's usually dark, by the time she reaches this downward end of the loop, for a food & fuel-stop, quick catch-up, a severe minimum of presents as the m.m. lacks any sensible storage - indeed, "sensible" sums up all the things the m.m. isn't - but she needed a copy of a book, once i'd read the opening sentence to her, over the phone:
"It was the day my grandmother exploded."
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