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a slight rescheduling...

11/19/14 03:49 pm - a slight rescheduling...

and it is, really; the wgh nurse's "as a matter of urgency, probably next Wednesday's clinic" for the procedure after the asdic (sonar)-sounding of kidneys & bladder, which translated into "in a fortnight's time" (confirmed to represent reasonable urgency by the local practice gp), on 25th november - a month before my sixty-thrid - has now turned into "I'm sorry, but that clinic's been cancelled; can you make same time on the second of december?
- to which, of course, the reply was, "certainly. and thank-you for phoning me."

(there was then a brief exploration of whether I could get in for an earlier morning appointment, terminated by the absence of buses reliable enough to get the ancient into Kendal for 9.30 a.m... - so she/they was/were trying.)

and then, yesterday evening, the gp finally got round to saying why it's a matter of urgency: apparently, there's a one-in-ten chance the test result was/is an indicator of cancer.
- and a nine-in-ten chance of not, of course -
"so we'd like to be sure."
- well yes; so would i."
"heh, quite so."

- so; in efr's traditional chinese curse, i would appear to be living in my own, personal, Interesting Times, with cystoscopy the next new experience on the (near) horizon...
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