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"way back in the 1960s..." (title actually of an incredible string band track - but who's counting?)

11/17/14 11:42 am - "way back in the 1960s..." (title actually of an incredible string band track - but who's counting?)

...well, the very late sixties and the early-to-mid seventies, really...
...there was a sudden florescence of working-, lower-middle- and middle-class poets, many liverpudlian, interested in the same kinds of things me & my friends were - not all of them, all of them, or all of the time (well...), but lots of the same kinds of music, science fiction, gender equality (but, most of them being men, it got called women's liberation [to have sex - with them, "of course"] or, if anything like even numbers were in the arguments, equal rights (or maybe sexual equality), but we were all teenagers growing up into young adults [plus some of our parents], so we were all interested in the sex anyway :-) ), political equality, science, the future, the past, literature, puns & the suppression of those responsible for the worst of them, great authors, musicians & groups we'd only just come across ourselves we had to turn our friends onto... ideas, sounds, sights, sensations, stories and life!

three or four of these poets grabbed a couple of friends to provide a decent rhythm section and some semblance of competence on electric guitars, and turned themselves into a fully-fledged rock group - The Liverpool Scene.

they even had real singles out - a couple of which were hits: one, a rabble-rousing celebration of the life, achievements and tragic death in a freak accident involving thousands of fans and a soda fountain, of a nonexistent merkin rock'n'roll group (adrian henri's "The Woo-Woo"), another the thoughts of an ignored, bored and contemplative pre-teen, wondering what it'll be like to be grown up, "all hairy and manly and strong" - "but it's no use, she never listens; they never [?do]" "son, son, ask me again, cos i didn't hear..." ("Son, Son"), and real LPs, with wondrous tales and casts of thousands, like "The Entry of Christ into Liverpool". (inspired by a certain painting...)

- not everyone liked them, but they were wonderful in their own ways, and well worth catching on disc - live, if you had the chance, and could afford it (i only could once).

- adrian henri and roger mcgough went on performing solo and with andy roberts after the Liverpool scene split up - just about everything these three were involved with was fun and worth catching.

And there's a double CD of some of their best as The Liverpool Scene, an expanded "The Amazing Adventures of..."
(yes, listening to which is the occasion for my posting this:-)
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