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speaker to stagecoach bus drivers

11/13/14 06:37 pm - speaker to stagecoach bus drivers

last night booth's artisan cafe/restaurant in Kendal closed early - an hour and a half early - and i was able to make the last 755 south instead of the final 555 an hour (almost) later.


they're sending 'em out still wet behind the ears, lancaster stagecoach are:

he got lost.

my attention was distracted from re-packing my shopping (to require fewer than three hands) by a plaintive voice from the driver's cab: "do you know the way?"

he'd missed the (very poorly signed) A6 turn-off (straight ahead), and we were heading towards grange-over-sands and a and barrow ("barrer") at 55 mph...

the A580-i-think-it-is is a near-motorway standards dual carriageway (no stopping, save at lay-bys, no U-turns, but signed right turns across the facing stream of traffic permitted when adequate gaps in it suffice) and if it weren't for Stagecoach's buses being governed to a Max head^W speed of 55, he'd've been doing 70mphs - and he wanted to get hooooooaaaaammmmm!

he'd only done the round trip once before with an experienced driver, who hadn't pointed out the poor signage, and both ways in daylight...

donning my cloak of ineffable reassurance, I summed up the position and guided him to the levens village right turn and commented conversationally that it was a shame the roads here were so poorly signed, that it wasn't possible to see a No U-Turns sign at this junction - he looked a little startled, grinned, did one - and three-five minutes later were back on route, and only
5 minutes behind schedule - easy for the 755 to make up, especially at night along the A6.
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