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summer season brought forward a fortnight: beware!

4/6/14 02:25 pm - summer season brought forward a fortnight: beware!

having the benefit of a certain amount hindsight, it may seem a trifle, ah, optimistic of stagecoach

to've brought forwards the introduction of their summer timetable by a fortnight - especially in these parts.

not for nothing is north-wet england known as "lakeland".

we've had a few days of showers, sometimes lengthy, often heavy, and now, a day of solid rain.

well, not ice, nor yet ice-9, nor any other unusual (for earth) variety (- [b]); just heavy, and unrelenting.

just the sort of rain you don't really want, and you're a tourist taking advantage of
one of the thribble the normal winter number of open-topped buses now scheduled on the expanded 599 windermere - bowness - windermere (usually) - wombleside - grasmere route,
which in weather this damp is equally wet downstairs, as outside
- and maybe even a tad worse, in the absence of any wind of note, than upstairs in the covered one-quarter-to-one-thrid of the waterproof seats on the bus. (- [a])

[a] - all the seats, inside and outside, are waterproof: it's kind of the tourist bus for the elderly bewildered and slightly incontinent. (- [c]).

[b] - vide Cat's Cradle, kurt vonnegut, p/b penguin c. 1965

[c] - roger, take heart!
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