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sprunglich, mit prekipitation gevalt (correction invited)

3/19/14 06:12 pm - sprunglich, mit prekipitation gevalt (correction invited)

lotsa little fluffy lambkins appearing now - mostly white, some black (they stand out rather - but then, so do the white ones, against the green of the grasses & browns of last year's bracken, where this has been allowed to grow in places, in some of the dry stone walled-off fields; i 'spect hiding was never domesticated sheeps' best defence against the big, bad wolf - and rams'n'ewes were perfectly capable of seeing off the vast majority of foxes); quite a lot of them are a sort of randomised mish-mash of greys and darker greys, russets & muddy browns (jacoby & herdwicke, and doubtless others i wot not of), and the earliest ones are already forming up into little toddler gangs of gambolers (?gambollers?) - though not yet up to playing "i'm the king of the castle" with one another (or, perhaps, 've even thought of doing so).

but the weather's closed back in some - quite a lot of the muddy-brown is because a lot of them are getting pretty muddy; n years ago, when derek ("bram") first moved up here cos he'n'lena never thought to ask, "is this normal weather for round here" the times they visited, and he had an, ah, [i]urgent[/i] need to disappear from london without leaving easy-to-follow traces (the preservation of knee-caps was involved), he was amazed to find, whilst out walking on the fells (& along rivers running through their dales) that sheep can catch colds - or at least, be assailed by sneezing fits: "only in lancaster!" he said, though we weren't actually in the built-up city - but then, there are more sheep than people in the city of lancaster, in these latter days....
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