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stop press: check the sea-weed!

3/3/14 06:35 pm - stop press: check the sea-weed!


- or whether it's the white-overcoated little snowman, or the polka-dot bikini-clad little lady as is out of doors!

- we just had an entire day without rain - the first of the year!

- it was just this side of utterly glorious!

- i even got some giraffes [a] on the way up to [i]and[/i] back down from keswick!

(next, to persuade a dozy libr'y computer it's allowed to read my multi storage card-reader, so's they can go up on my scrapbook...)(don't hold your breath...)

[a] - ten days ago, there were also a couple of (?roe deer?) fawns feeding, but either it's too peoplebusy now, or the weather's ameliorated sufficiently for them & mums to've shifted higher up the valley sides.
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