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argggh, my poor back . . .

12/19/12 05:07 pm - argggh, my poor back . . .

in a mad panic (tm) to try and get little grey ghost in fit state
to be (repaired and) mot-ed between now and (new year's eve at the latest),
's spent some time emptying it of almost all of the things stuffed (as in, to the gills) into lgg the very last morning of IMT's being in the shop on north road, just before *mental exhaustion* and *collapse of stout party* some seven and a half months ago now...

it's almost done-

- 's taken four hours yesterday, and another four and a half today -

- and then it took me three-quarters of an hour to get back into the cottage, having to find somewhere - anywhere - to put everything that's come out of lgg,
so that the piles-of-stuff (tm)'re low enough for yr hmbl srppint. to step, clamber or climb over, or otherwise reach or find room to stand, aside of "just inside the door."
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