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it's gone midnight

11/18/12 12:29 am - it's gone midnight

ok, it's gone midnight; nil by mouth (save water, and that only up to 6am) until after the procedure
- for which i have to get to the rli for 07:15
(first bus from milnthorpe isn't 'til 07:25, so i had to arrange coming into lancaster the day before
- which they then turned into the day before the day before;
so i got an unexpected day with marie-therese & jeffrey, and jan, in town
- and m-th & i got unexpectedly to go to an excellent concert by raphael wallfisch - superb cellist :-)) )

- wish me luck! (? - [a])

[a] - or have a go at getting your own back, you kaiserdastardlydoolilly one i know you!

corrected my mispelling of raphael wallfisch's surname
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