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that was weird - i do hope jeffrey's alright...

8/22/12 07:02 pm - that was weird - i do hope jeffrey's alright...

big sister'n'her feller came over t'pennines (from pink panther city) for three days, to see me & some of the lake district'n'local attractions: so far, so good;
the first two days went off pretty well (m-th getting me to the asda notrh of westmorland general hospital in time for my 08:30 appointment with t'specialist was helpful, and then afterwards we "did" wotsit hall, south of bowness, which is a right interesting arts & crafts-styled, decorated and architecturate house, down to many fine details including the peacock frieze & the minstrel gallery [a], with a stop off after some hours there, on the start of a slightly wiggly way back, at fell end which is also NT and does soup, and then met back up with jeffrey in the evening to go out for a meal at the albion, arnside, which does good meals - and four real ales for him, and whence i dragged them up to the top of t'knott, as they'd not been there afore, the evening before), then back to milnthorpe and arrange to meet reasonably unearly, to have me navigate them to the wild birds reserve at leighton moss.
again, so far, so good.

unfortunately my knees'n'ankles've still not fully recovered from yr hmbl srppint.'s knackering them a few years back, so after we'd "done" the visitor centre and walked 600 metres along the path across the moss, and another 400 along the bridleway to the main visitors' hide, that was about as far as my knees wanted to go, and have me require them to get me back to the visitor centre (and their car).
so i said i thought i'd - or my knees'd - sooner stay here (and have an orange for breakfast - they both declined the offer, having had full english breakfasts before we all sat off); again, so far, so good.
marie-therese said, "you'll be alright here for a little while?" to which i answered, "i think i can get back from here."
again, so far, so good.

but after a further five hours had elapsed, not so good.
in fact, yr hmbl srppint.'d just about twigged that neither they nor even she were coming back. [b]

so, after giving them/her another fifteen minutes to put in an appearance or phone me (i have a mobile and've given them its number; neither of them do, so i couldn't phone them),
yr hmbl srppint. set off walking north, north and a little east, and more north, and quite east, from the road between the various yealands (conyers, redmayne, et al.) from the north(ish)ern edge of the moss bird reserve towards beetham and hale and the wildlife oasis on the A6, five miles away, whence i thought i'd prob'ly be able to hitch-hike home (no, not "holme"), to milnthorpe.

it's a bit worrying, though; jeffrey had a hip replacement operation just over two christmice ago, and something could've happened... :-((

i wish i knew. that nothing had, preferably.
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