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"i had a dream last night..." [0]

8/11/12 01:47 pm - "i had a dream last night..." [0]

"weather for ankle-socks" has arrived ("at last!" ?):

i've begun to dream again/remember [some] dreams again relatively recently (thank-you, beetle), after about four decades of having none;
and last night/early this morning's dream was quite strange [a]:

i was being reproached by an alien/A.I. of having committed the crime? faux-pas? iof having included odd socks in my laundry

[a] - aren't they all? [1]

[0] - one charles drake - in a somewhat different context - c. 1960 ("many times...")

[1] - "i like rhetorical questions,
i usually get them right"
- joann l. dominik on afp

[edit: missing feetnotes supplied]
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