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i've discovered i'm not doing book tables at CCDE

7/8/05 02:00 am - i've discovered i'm not doing book tables at CCDE

umm. i emailed the clarecraft discworld event organiser about ten days ago, for the usual month-before-the event confirmation that i'd be doing the book tables at this year's event, as i have done every CCDE since elton originally asked me to, is it nine or ten years (six or seven events?) ago; i phoned on monday to ask again, saying it was getting quite tight now, to organise sale-or-return extra stock from terry's publishers, and was told i'd be contacted by the organiser, once she got back from her holiday.

i received a phonecall yesterday saying, "actually, no."

i emailed her last night, asking whether she'd be able to accept all/most/some of the couple of thousand pounds-or-so worth of the clean, new pratchett stock i hold for CCDEs, as i can't realistically sell anything like this much in two or three years from my small bookshop in lancaster - at the same trade discount the publishers give me - if i listed it all, and brought what was wanted down to east anglia properly boxed & listed, &c.

i received an email today saying "no, thank-you."

so it appears i'm not doing tables at CCDE anymore.
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