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thank-you to everyone who helped

4/30/12 10:39 pm - thank-you to everyone who helped

thank-you, roobarb, for telling people and for turning up despite lurgi, and bossing me & [any,every]one within an inch of our lives for two days as well as doing more than your fair share; thanks also to miss_next for diverting via lancaster to help, to tiny_clanger for being a certain "someone", martinoh for much power unscrewing of shelving rails'n'battens, and transporting miles of contiboard shelving to safety, jan for bossing [mostly me] and moral support in the face of verbal battering by landlord, martin for coming by almost randomly and helping unlooked-for, to that misguided missile, derek (bram) the hippie, to the three not-quite random ex-students (only one a former customer) passing by, who decided to muck in, to roger, for helping getting the "tidying-up after" well started, during, and - above all - to mick/tattoo mike/michael, who worked like a trojan, and did most of the worst of the work (and to your missus, for doing without you for days on end!): to all of you, thank-you.
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