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the moles have reached milnthorpe

2/15/12 07:08 pm - the moles have reached milnthorpe

or their relatives have, at any rate - both magnum-sized and with (much) loudness;

but only on the west side of the A6, and only south of the crossroads with main street/arnside road. so far.
not sure what they're looking for, but their spoil tips are elongaaated, include tarmaccy remnants, obstruct the pavement to the extent that a couple of signs at either end of their depredations advise "footpath closed", and're currently peaking c. three to three and a half feet (c. one metre) high...

i wonder whether they'll head off down to the deer-park and sandside, motor on underground (mostly) up to kendal (for the mint cake?), or cross over onto main street at the traffic lights and head for sanctuary in st. thomas's?

meanwhile, the building site where fawcett's garage (inter alia) used to be is finally turning into something other than a wasteland pus occasional enormous pile of recovered brickwork, randomly-sized selections of local stone, and valleys of mud turning in the appropriate weather into ginormous mucky brown pools; the foundations (and shell of the superstructure) of an outsize (for milnthorpe) filling-station have variously been dug and appeared, dwarfing the methodist church "next door", and substantial foundations for the forthcoming superstore've been dug, partly poured, and promise eventually to provide a full range of everything the local population have hitherto had to travel to foreign parts and places as strange as kendal, carnforth, morecambe or lancaster to obtain.

- given that there's only tiddly places like hincaster, brigsteer, natland and ackenthwaite north of milnthorpe before you reach kendal, which is well-provided with superstores - and ackenthwaite is a suburb^W subvill of milnthorpe, and holme, holme mills, burton-in-kendal, hale south and east of milnthorpe (and hale's really only a garage on the A6, plus a pillar-box and phone kiosk*) before you get to carnforth, which can boast of a decent local supermarket in booth's, and a superstore in the shape of a tesco's (that bore a liptons group label) that doesn't bother to stay open beyond 8(ish),

yr hmbl srppnt wonders whence asda, and the other chain superstores pushing for permission to open sheds in and around milnthorpe, expect to obtain trade sufficient to maintain the existence of these business behemoths:

- to the north, south and east of milnthorpe, there's orders of magnitude more sheep than people;

- and to the west of us, it's pretty well all fish!

* - if that's still there, that is; i've not checked on this particularly recently
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