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sprunglich; but not without some dolour

3/21/11 04:02 pm - sprunglich; but not without some dolour

- well, having had the privilege of a fortnight's worth of top-deck, front-seat's morning viewpoints in my car-less commute into the shop, yr hmbl srppnt can confirm that it does seem to have sprung - just about, and not without hiccoughs and the odd scuttle back into hiding, but - "nevertheless".

- the first fortnight's worth of lambs're out in the fields, the olders amongst them tentatively deciding they might be interested in forming more or less boistrous gangs - and then they, too, are thinking better of it, after a few minutes milling around, returning to mama's mobile milk-bar, just a trifle sheepishly...

- and, for the first spring since the foot & mouth crisis saw most of the herds slaughtered (if their owners were lucky), there are now noticeable numbers of new calves in the fields, too: last year's bought-in new herds beginning to do their bit to bring back the normal lakeland way of life; let's hope all vets in the area get thorough training in recognising the symptoms now - and, that no farmer's going to behave as dangerously again, as did the (northumberland borders farmer?) who started the whole epidemic.

- a few flowers've poked their heads up/out to see whether there truly is any substance to rumours of sunshine - smowdrops and daffodils'n'narscisseri (how do they know whether they're daffodils or narscirreri?), as expected - but also one hyacinth, which may've been confused by the relative drouth, or the warmth of a week's worth of unclouded daytimes.
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