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motor woes

2/25/11 08:06 pm - motor woes

little grey ghost's hot-and-cold air blower has stopped working. this is a little unfortunate, as regards personal comfort, but also means i'm back to fifties' & sixties' levels of windscreen-demisting (in)efficiency... - i hope we've seen the last of this winter's snows'n'freezing frogs...
every now and then, ever since becoming the transportation device and vessel for IMT, lgg's little led depicting the outline of a spanner over the side elevation of a car has lit up; yr hmbl srppnt. is advised that this indicates a reduction in the effectiveness of the after-burner (which, in lgg's astra envoy 1.7 litre dti world means the exhaust is not as clean as it could be); but, to date, switching off the ignition, and waiting a little before restarting lgg's engine has sufficed to reset the warning led, and proved to be a transient phenomenon - i.e. the concentrations of the exhaust gases tested for've dropped back below the warning level, and well below the levels tested for in the annual MOT: so far, so good.

this lunchtime, however, the led-light cme on part-way up the big hill on the M6 coming south from J35, and did not self-clear with the usual treatment: instead, upon re-starting lgg's engine, the oil temperature warning light started flickering, which it's never done before...

and then the water temperature suddenly shot up from its normal, steady, reassuring "engine's warmed up now, and it'll stay here 'til a quarter of n hour after the engine's turned off", to half-wy towards the "red for dire danger" zone.
the traffic from the M6 band places like claughton, caton, brookhouse, and the benthams (high and low) being unusually heavy - "solid at speed", so to say, i indicated i was pulling into the kerb as soon as it was safe to do this, pulled up to a stop, hand-brake on & switched off - by which time, the water temperature was just under the danger zone. the only time i've met this (on a much earlier car), it indicated total "catastrophic" loss of coolant - not a good thing at all, at all.
nearly an hour later, i was t lst able to get out of lgg (i did mention that the traffic was solid, didn't i?), and able to ascertain that lgg'd lost about litre of water+anti-freeze only, and not the lot; there were no visible leaks and, whilst the engine had evidently run hot, it was no longer alarmingly so. with the kind assistance of a nearby firm's receptionist's filling up my plastic picnic/party carafe with water from the tap, i was able to trundle into IMT only two hours later than i'd intended, and without lgg's overheating again.

i've a nasty feeling this is liable to prove expensive.
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