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apologies for absence caused by demon/thus plc/clueless+witless

6/11/10 09:14 am - apologies for absence caused by demon/thus plc/clueless+witless

demon/thus plc/clueless+witless have not been able to supply any useful dial-up internet connectivity for eight days (so far).

it has taken me five phonecalls and c. two hours of my time convincing demon/etc.'s laughably-entitled "technical support" (i.e. helldesk) that

  • i do not need help & assistance with my set-up;

  • failure to start to authenticate my a/c & password after initial dial-up speed (etc.) negotiation is a failure of connectivity inside demon to demon/etc.'s authentication process;

  • failure to provide resolution of domain names, dns or routing of any kind whatsoever beyond authentication (this last being - after five days - actually fixed), is also a failure of connectivity inside demon/etc.'s network;

  • asking a customer habitually using demon/etc.'s own dos 'net suite to connect to their warrington bank(s) of 'net "not-modems" - or any other - who has informed them of this to "click icons on their desk-top" is not proof of competence;

  • asking this same customer to rebuild their dialler on multiple occasions is, in the light of the symptoms provided establishing the failures within demon/etc.'s network above-established is not proof of competence;

  • asking the same of a customer using any operating system to rebuild a dialler - or anything else*, would not constitute proof of competence
    * - unless it be, to rebuild demon/etc.'s internal network: for which there would be a charge;

  • as far as demon/etc.'s providing technical service, or ability to provide an internet service to a "premier connect plus" customer of theirs of two decades or more is concerned, demon/thus plc/clueless+witless would appear on this evidence to be at best pathetic.

i hope to be back online sometime this year.

this may be evidence of insanity.

(but on whose part, remains to be seen...)
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