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spring: is it truly sprung?

5/6/10 07:15 pm - spring: is it truly sprung?

well, it's been unseasonably cold this week, but the swallows'd got as far north as lancaster yesterday evening (they'd not made it the extra fifteen miles north to milnthorpe, though - or else they'd given up on trying to find flies on the wing, and all gorn and tucked themselves into warm nooks'n'crannies, or even huddled up together atop recently refurbished nests). maybe they' be in evidence this evening.

stray thnigs've been coming into blossom in a rather jumbled, haphazard fashion rather than in their more accustomed order - again, the unusually dry (and fairly warm, daytimes) april, after a long and unusually cold (for the north-wet) winter could have something to do with this. the pink, ornamental flowering cherry came out a week after the native white cherry, it looked as though some apple trees were out and not only were the lime trees in blossom, but this'd scattered all over the roads and pavements near the canal before either of the cherries was properly out.

the municipally planted-out daffodils & narcissississississeri were late out, then all caught up in a rush, and some're shrivelled, sere and truly browned off already - whilst others are still in full flower. the bluebells in the patch out the front have started, but're not really out yet, and a few others of the things i planted last year seem to be doing their best in the circumstances. not too sure any of the hyacinths will survive the slugs, though - and the last frost caught the roses i'd hoped had made it.

suggestions for easy (and cheap - or free) flowers for "the patch" (partly-shaded; gets some sun from the south; fairly good topsoil over rubble, typically well-watered north-wet england, outside of nationa droughts) welcome *g*
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