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a straw poll ?

4/28/10 07:40 pm - a straw poll ?

(or possibly "hayseeds in the wind"; or even "yarrowstalks" - ?)

personal observations

made during my peregrinations around south central cumbria (not lately north of kendal)
and north lancashire (not recently south of heysham & lancaster)

a majority of houses displaying party favours in north lancashire towns support labour, with lib dems running them fairly close in a few areas; particular streets in lancaster with high multiple occupancy houses, and some of small terrace houses that were relatively cheap twenty years or so ago have a fair scattering of green party window posters; it's a fairly close call between lib dem and labour in lancaster, as regards visible support;

a clear majority of houses displaying party favours in south cumbrian villages and kendal support the lib dem candidate, who's been a pretty good mp for "westmorland and lonsdale" wrt local needs, as well as generally visible and accessible even out of election campaign times *g*; i'd guess there's about thirty lib dem devotees for every identifiable tory party supporter, and barely one labour window poster visible for every sixty or seventy lib dem (westmorland has never elected a labour mp sfaiaa - it used to be said that if the local tory party stuck a blue rosette on a prize-winning pig, westmorland'd elect that);


something slightly more interesting, perhaps, is the division between posters of varying sizes (up to the ginormous) not associated with houses large or small, or even blocks of flats:

the inhabitants of fields and hedgerows lining the major and minor roads along the way between the towns, city and villages major and minor of these two areas seem largely to support the tory party, by a majority of well over thirty to one (with those of some fields apparently unable to make up their minds, or perhaps divided upon the issue, between the tories and the lib dems);

and they appear to consist almost entirely of rabbits and sheep.

this has been a non-party-affiliated attempt to introduce a little light entertainment - and perhaps interest - into the last ten week or so of a uk general election campaign not overly garnished with either - nor much in the way of excitement, either.

fields containing this year's lambs and their mums do not, in general, seem to support the tory party candidates.

too few fields containing cows, heifers and/or bullocks indicate a preference, to make a meaningful poll possible

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