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who's next? (a snibblet from the current furore [well, what passes for the same] in the uk)

4/16/10 07:25 pm - who's next? (a snibblet from the current furore [well, what passes for the same] in the uk)

my gentle readers may or may not have noticed that the united kingdom of great britain and northern ireland* is currently in the throes of an excit^W^W midly boring general election, to decide the precise shade of mildly right-of-centre central government in westminster for the next (probably) five years.

in an attempt to whip up support for an almost total absence of practical policies, the public raletions wunderkind now heading the out-of-power-for-a-decade further-right-of-centre conservative party ("the tories" - so nicknamed after brigands inhabiting scottish bogs) has promised that, should his party gain power, not only will the benefits paid to income support claimants convicted of fraud be reduced, but that benefits will be further reduced for those convicted of a second such offence - and forfeited, by those convicted of a third such offence.

- sounds all good fun and stirring stuff, just desserts and the firm smack of the righteous nanny state, promising to save many thousands of pounds of the poor, long-suffering, honest tax-payer's money [a], doesn't it?

- but how many people were convicted of fraud with respect to their benefit claims last year?


and how many people were convicted of a second or third such offence?


- it's pure public raletions, a foam of frothing at the mouth due not so much to righteous anger, as to simple soft soap.

* - it were not merely politically incorrect, but would constitute psephological suicide, nowadays, should this for convenience - and brevity's sake - be referred to as "england"...

[a] - as opposed to the main financer of the conservative party - and member of the house of lords - who pays no uk taxes on the vast majority of his income from belize (estimated savings to the noble tory lord, ukL 12M; contributions to the tory party, c. ukL 4M last time i noticed)
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