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mayhem and murder off the M6 this morning

2/9/10 01:34 pm - mayhem and murder off the M6 this morning

- almost. and it wasn't nine drivers' on the way down the A6 towards the motorway junction north of carnforth's faults that there weren't at least three multi-car pile-ups this morning, neither.

none of the chains of tail-gating* pillules used their indicators to show they intended to overtake, or even change lane.

at speeds of 55-70 mph.*

* - all except one (couple) in a little white car who were trundling along at ~40 mph - which they had & have every right to do - but who twice pulled out without indicating in front of cars immediately behind them, which had already started to pull out without indicating, to overtake them...

and apparently not one of these drivers noticed they'd done anything the slightest bit risky, let alone downright dangerous to their own chances of survival - never mind, anyone else's.
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