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YA^W^W an anti-lj-er-insulting meme

1/27/10 07:24 pm - YA^W^W an anti-lj-er-insulting meme

there is no way this particular lj-er is going to further the spread of any meme whose author has the poor judgment to word their meme to imply or state that there is - and/or must be - some quality lacking in, or downright wrong with any lj-er who fails to spread their pet creation/borrowing.

no, it prob'ly won't be particularly effective - or even noticed - by many,
but these memes are fundamentally attempts at coercion, and deserve to be treated as such.

(should you think there is aught worthwhile buried in such an attempt to bully responses out of lj-ers
- edit the damned thing before posting it to your journal.)

- and is there any moral lack, or other shortcoming, in anyone who fails to spread this anti-lj-er-insulting meme?
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