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a rude - and somewhat damp - crotchety awakening

1/16/10 09:26 am - a rude - and somewhat damp - crotchety awakening

yr hmbl srppnt. was awoken late, this morning (after three or four interruptions to a night not marked by morpheus' sweet mercies) by a cold, damp nose thrust quite forcefully into the crotch of my left arm-pit. "oh, that'll be fang [1]," i thought muzzily, "she'll want feeding, or fresh water putting down..."

- then i suddenly convulsed in horrified surprised realisation,

- "i don't have a cat," and swept the offending muzzle aside and off down the ength of the bed, "maybe it's a rat!" (thinking one might've woken up with the warming weather and accompanying thaw, and decided to investigate the provendial possibilities of premises kept rather warmer than the unheated outhouses in which it doubtless passed the ice weeks.)

- "mrrrauw!?"

- "it is a cat. - who? - how?"

- "oh well, whoever it is, they evidently wants letting out. they must've got in last night, when i went back for the second lot of bags'n'thnigs from lgg, and left my front door open with my back turned to it. okay..." "mrrrauw, yourself - yes, i'm coming!"

and i accordingly stumbled down to the front door, conducting a conversation with the aforesaid cat in cat-ish, opened said front door, let out the little (mostly) black cat, which proceeded to *sniff* at lgg's off-side tyres,

- and pee against the rear one.

- evidently, i'd been adjudged far too slow, in reacting to my natural lord/lady & master/mistress's purrfectly clear expression of his/her needs, pleasure & requirements.

[1] - my first "so" turned up on the top doorstep at 69 bishy road, york with a kitten looking all bedraggled, and advised me that the kitten's name was fang, and she needed a place to live.
as it turned out, this was a package deal, in which fang's delivering agent, even more bedraggled than she, came included...*g* [2][3]

[2] - and amongst fang's habits proved to be an abiding interest in arm-pits.

[3] - this was, however, some three-and-a-half decades ago.
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