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a question for my thoughtful and learned friends. . .

1/14/10 07:26 pm - a question for my thoughtful and learned friends. . .

you know those iron-grated gullies that furnish so many uk roads, streets, avenues, ginnels, snickets, alley-ways, cul-de-sacs, and even some motorways' hard shoulders?

and that all however-many million of them there are've been buried under up to a couple of feet of snow, along with all the "street furniture" on our untreated/untrampled/untravelled surfaces in the uk for a fortnight, unable to do the job for which they were designed and incidentally bearing the visual equivalent of mute witness to the increasing difficulty of getting about on the increasingly-compacted, and steadily slipperier, trampled snow.

well, my question to you all is:

what does the reappearance of such a gully from under the disappearing trampled snow, steadily filling up with melt-water, constitute?

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