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knut haugland, last of the crew of the kon-tiki, dies aged 92

1/2/10 11:46 pm - knut haugland, last of the crew of the kon-tiki, dies aged 92

knut haugland died on 25/12/2009 in oslo. he was the last surviving member of the crew of the kon-tiki, the sea-going balsa raft with which the practicality of thor heyerdahl's theory regarding the probable original colonisation of polynesia by south americans was proved, and a prime mover in the setting up of, and head of the kon-tiki museum for two decades, and he was decorated* by norway, england and france for his work in the norwegian resistance during the second world war, inter alia to destroy accumulated stocks of, and the factory creating, the heavy water ("D2O") essential to the german nuclear fission research programme.
in addition, he founded the norwegian resistance museum, also in oslo.

* - knut haugland was awarded medals in recognition of his bravery whilst fighting in the norwegian resistance; regarding which he was characteristically dismissively modest

[heyerdahl's theories regarding early humanity and the oceans have never been generally accepted, but the criticisms i have read of asprcts of it strike me as sharing in their authors' approach of not actually having addressed heyerdahl's theories, but having restricted their reading to press popularisations of inaccurate simplifications of them. an essential starting point for consideration of these theories is his first great work, _American Indians in the Pacific_ (george allen & unwin 1952); summaries of his explorationary voyages in reconstructions of early sea-going craft are on the kon-tiki museum web site, and in his _Early Man and the Ocean_.]

edited to correct grammar & syntax [- it's a little late for someone as got three hours sleep last night-this morning, and only dozed another two, 'til ~8am after that.]

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