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innundation abounding. . .

11/20/09 12:29 pm - innundation abounding. . .

keswick, burneside [a], the A6 (the Great North-Wet Road) in places, including just south of shap, and seemingly worst hit of all, cockermouth - unless you count seathwaite, that is, where they managed to shrug [b] off seven inches of rain in twelve-fourteen hours... [c]

[a] - suburb/satellite village of kendal;
[b] - well, most old settlements in cumberland & county westmorland's fells are designed & built to cope with water descending from above - leastways, those settlements as've survived long enough to be considered "old" are;
[c] - seathwaite is reputedly the inhabited settlement receiving the greatest precipitation in all england [yr hmbl srppnt. does not know whether the statisticians concerned for these purposes accounted wales a part of england]

we get a day's respite, then the next storm in the current chain is due in. i hope there's time enough for the saturated peat (&c.) to have started draining out into the burns, becks & rivers, before the next lot of water commences falling in earnest: the kent wasn't very far off the tops of the undersides of its (stone) bridges' arches, yesterday morning, and levens bridge was just about completely under water by noon.

- fingers, eyes - yes, kaiserdad, and optionally legs - crossed...

edited to correct mispelling of burneside - "woops!"
- and the misattributed single - "woops!^2"...

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