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9/19/09 06:47 pm - puffa-puffa

about caught up from getting back from driving down to winsley saturday night, seeing nancy for the first time in ?three? years, trowbridge inn sunday afternoon (but didn't stop), westbury sunday afternoon-night, seeing jonathan'n'jan for the first time in about the same (anyone care to open a fanfund for jonathan's teeth?)(it's badly needed), winsley again sunday night, brizzl-ol monday morning (saw chhando for first time in ~15 years as she is visiting this side of the planet), taunton monday afternoon (delivered chhando to very nearly the right place), winsley again monday evening, and back to IMT tuesday by 4pm, opened the shop 'til 7:30pm, and finally back home by 10pm yesterday. puffed.

as i said to start with, i'm about caught up on sleep'n'energy substitute.
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