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unencambered as we seemingly now are...

9/2/09 07:18 pm - unencambered as we seemingly now are...

has anyone else noted - or even noticed - that wholesale modern road resurfacings, other than those where the whole road is banked on a curve such that the outside of the curve is slightly higher than the inside, are now pretty much never properly cambered; the crown of the road surface is no longer domed slightly higher than the edges (or hedges, where appariettily), but left near-as damn it silken-smooth - and astronomically flat - ?

one of the unfortunate results of this change in roadbuilding practice is to help generate ginormous clouds of spray when heavy traffic and significant rainfall coincide on motorways and fast-flowing A-roads, reducing visibility to a couple of yards or less at times, as the new roads no longer shed water the way (tar-)macadamised roads were designed to.

and i suspect, but do not know, that another effect is to greatly increase the chances of emergency braking turning into aquaplaning (not to mention the risk of vehicles with bald or near-bald tyres aquaplaning even under only moderate braking forces); does anyone know whether this is indeed the case?
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