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remembering "tiny goddess"

4/28/09 05:23 am - remembering "tiny goddess"

nirvana - the real nirvana -'s "tiny goddess" was more than just a turntable hit - a single that was chosen as a favourite by a dj or three and it gained popularity with at least a part of their audience, but didn't quite make it to the top of the charts; in "tiny goddess"es case, it was chosen as one of the last discs of the week on radio london by john peel (if i remember correctly, johnnie walker also played it most enthusiastically), and i think made it into their top thirty: but it was not picked up by auntie beeb's new radio one, and without continuing airplay slipped slowly away into undeserved obscurity.

if they are remembered today, it's primarily for their charting second and third singles, "pentecost hotel" and "rainbow chaser" (which was probably the most effective over-enthusiastic use of the new technique of phasing ever *g* - but not really typical of the group). the more beautiful "all of us" was - like "tiny goddess" - perhaps too understated, too restrained, and too musical, to appeal to radio one's controllers, who'd signalled precisely the style of empty-headed commercial pop music they were building their station around, with the single they chose to launch with.

nirvana's two lps for island were not commercially successful, and chris blackwell dropped them (their third album eventually surfaced on pye [pye international, iirc, for some reason] with a less than entirely complimentary reference to him...); "the story of simon simopath" was not helped greatly by its amateurish (though striking) cover art, and that for their second was monochromatically subdued; and after a brief period of availability as deletions, they became quite pricey "collectors' items"; but they have been transferred to cd: imcd 301/980001-0 (both the stereo and the mono mixes, which differ significantly, plus single b-sides and a previously unreleased track) for "the story of simon simopath", and imcd302/980001-1 (plus a late single a-side and b-sides) for "all of us".

so; two albums well worth investigating if you don't already know them, and at an affordable price, now they're remastered to cd; not all the tracks are brilliant (nor are they all baroque pop; "requiem for john coltrane" was quite a surprise, when i played that single b-side forty-odd years ago *g*), but there was no-one else quite like them, and their best was superb.
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