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eleven days of demon/thus plc/clueless+witless snafu - and counting

12/22/08 10:43 am - eleven days of demon/thus plc/clueless+witless snafu - and counting

demon/thus plc (formerly scottish telecom)/clueless+witless (probably plc)(or inc.)'ve managed to provide no usable dial-up connectivity to this customer (and almost certainly others in the north-wet) for eleven days - and counting...

i'm able to ftp and irc from milnthorpe, courtesy of connect4free.co.uk, but it seems that demon/thus plc/c+w cannot find anywhere on their own "internal" internet - nor anywhere else - from their war1 warrington bank of not-modems.
in the past when this has happened, they've booted all incoming calls that would be fielded by war1(mostly -du32/33)(.access.demon.net iirc) dahn sahf to the anchor bank of not-modems, i believe at, or originally at, anchor house, or demon towers, or somesuch, over its own phonelines/swapping access over its own lines with a.n.other major telco's backbone - one of the advantages an isp run by a teloco in the same country might reasonably make use of: a work-around rather than a fix, admittedly, but one that works.

this time, despite my re-iterated requests that this booting-on be done again pending a preferably permanent problem fix, they have neither bothered to do so nor, again upon repeated request, bothered to say why they have not.

this is not a good time of year - if any time is -
for a games & book shop and mail-order service to be cut off from all incoming email

(and therefore effectively prevented from sending out any replies, too, even if a thrid-party email service might be availed of by yr hmbl srppnt).

shop and mobile phone numbers're given on the homepage of IMT's website

[uploaded by use of pink panther city's central IT & computer access centre; though i believe all of the city's media resource centres (or whatever they're calling the libraries this week) provide such access.]

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