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"wintry driving conditions"

12/2/08 01:08 pm - "wintry driving conditions"

ee, but there're some blind/insane drivers on the road...

saturday night was merely unpleasant - driving down to the M60 & around to the ashton exit in patchily mildly thick fog's not too bad: not least because much of the M6 is lit, now; but the fog was still thick enough that although i came off at the right slip-junction for where the M60 turns right under the motorway that from there straight on is now the M62, i couldn't see the signage to avod going back onto it, and had to continue to the next junction & drive back; a minor annoyance, but no hardship. and the fog was mostly gone by the time the road'd climbed to tintwhistle - probably just climbed out of the top of it.
from there on, the only problem was a pillule as thought if he tailgated me again just a little bit closer, for jusdt a few more miles, i'd be bullied, and speed up: as you would, on the snake pass, in sub-zero conditions, with water on the road... some tail-gaters are smart enough to notice that, if they drop back to a sensible distance, you do speed back up to your previous cruising speed (for all but the tighter, near-hairpin bends); and that if they close up on you again, you drop back down to a speed as is sensible for how closely they're tail-gating, and how dazzled their headlamps in your rear-view mirrors, and the light from them reflecting off the inside front of your car...
others don't.

but coming back this morning-lunch time, the road was fine (if chilly out; watch out for frozen patches where the salt's been washed away, and there's been rain or sleet since) until nearing tintwhistle, where everything slowed to a halt - crawl - halt - wait- crawl - halt - (etc.) sequence until just after the road up to the M60 N & W bears off from the main traffic route into manchester. and on the far (west) side of a hill in/just after tintwhistle, it started to snow quite seriously - not really heavily, but steadily.
and from there on to J34 on the M6, if it wasn't snow, it was heavy rain, or sleet, or hail. or a permutation or combination of the three. and about one in ten or twenty of the car drivers was still determined to press on at ~90 mph, regardless of weather or road conditions or visibility - use rear fog-lights, in murky light with lots of spray being thrown up? - why bother? - drop speed to allow a greater separation between vehicles? - not for the real he-man car-driver! - let others in ahead of you, when they need to change lanes (allow others to "filter")? - never! -
- aaaarrrrrgggggGGGHHH!

sorry, pardon; it's not just that it's poor - and dangerous - driving, which it is: it isn't even their interests, as behaving like that tends to clog up the road worse, quicker, and slow down everyone - theirowndamnfoolselves included.

but heigh-ho, i'm back ok. and had a generally good time, though roobarb's mum & wendy being ill, and herself not too well, and over-tired besides, was unfortunate (not least for them); hope you all get weller, qicker; kaiserdad's being kaiserdadly all over sheffield yesterday was - well, a bit more than par for the course, actually; but maybe he's been deprived of flirting opportunities of late?

hopefully, see you all again soon, if not probably 'til new year - certainly, nothing like so long a gap ("touch wood")
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