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it's been eleven months...

8/23/08 06:16 pm - it's been eleven months...

...since the shop was wrecked, and the landlord's just this week stuck his well-suntanned face in (he must've been slumming it here in the uk between forn holidays); i told him id seen neither hide nor hair of his insurers' contractors workmen or painter - and he kindly informed me that his insurers had told him they'd sacked them - and paid him (my landlord, that is) off to get the work completed himself (well, by local builders and/or painters) some time ago.

and he then asked me, whether i knew any good local builder-painters - "good, but cheap, too"...


he hasn't done a single thing towards getting the work completed - nor on getting the flat roof on the rear extension re-waterproofed, nor on getting the electrics in there re-done. he's just been complaining about not getting rent off me for the three months the shop was "shuttered off" by hoarding, when i couldn't let any customers in - and no-one could see there was a shop here of any variety.

maybe i really should give up.
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