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nothing much

7/15/08 09:42 pm - nothing much

nothing much to say, really; but matte left me online on his-and-jan's supercomputer so i could tax lgg for the coming year online, so i thought i'd see if aught were happening here... (cos nothing's happening with the landlord's insurers' contractors finishing off the jobs outstanding and/or needing redoing on the shop...
if i think of it, i add an entry to the diary page, which i can do with my old 5x86 dos computer without all the bells'n'whistles posting here on lj requires. had two good weeks, where the shop-cum-not-building site reached the dizzy heights of breaking even - but things're slumping again with the end of the university term now.
got into south lakeland district council's offices in kendal to sort out my council tax last week, explain why i'd fallen behind & get the reference no. i need for paying it online; the lass behind the counter laughed & turned her monitor so i could see i wasn't actually yet in arrears; this week's trying to sort out the commercial rates - lancaster city council's threatening me with legal action for not paying them whilst the shopfront was plywood shuttering all the way across, and i couldn't let anyone in because of the building work being/not being done: let's hope this goes o.k. but i have my doubts.

jan wants the super-puter - bye for now.
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